This ballpoint ink provides a durable defense against check or prescription fraud.
What is check or prescription washing? Common household solvents can be used to literally "wash" away the writing ink that appears on checks and prescriptions. This enables others to rewrite checks or prescriptions, usually for fraudulent purposes.

BIC Fraud Defense Inkô is formulated to be water resistant, light-resistant and eraser-resistant to help protect your secure documents.

This ballpoint ink is a great product for the financial, insurance and business markets.

BIC Fraud Defense Inkô adheres to ISO 12757-1 and 12757-2 standards for ballpoint pens and refills for general and document use. These include tests for the resistance of UV, water, eraser, ethanol, bleaching, hydrochloric acid, ammonium hydroxide and acetone.

Let BIC Graphic help you stay safe and secure by protecting your important documents with BIC Fraud Defense Inkô.

BIC Fraud Defense Inkô is available on the following Bic Products: Citation ~ Citation Clear ~ Clic ~ Clic Gold ~ Widebody ~ Pivo

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